Praveen, the mind behind Thiftizer is brilliant! I searched & spoke to over 100 developers to get our website revamped but most did not seem to know the subject matter, which should actually be their area of expertise! Shocking but true. Praveen understands Shopify and the functionality they have to offer in depth and gets the task done at hand swiftly & robustly. He is honest (very important quality because web development is technical to understand for layman & this is what most developers take advantage of), dedicated and extremely responsive. In case he does not have an answer to a question/functionality at hand, he goes back, does the research and gets back with a solution. He delivers on the stated timelines & commitments. He is extremely quick at getting issues resolved and getting work done, which is important because development tasks/issues are time sensitive. We had given him a project for full website development & revamp and he has done a great job of it. You can check our website here After having worked on this project, we have signed up with him to be our official development partner as we know that we can rely on him to get the job done correctly and reliably. I strongly recommend hiring Thriftizer for any development needs for your brand.
I Love Thriftizer Team, They are really hard-working, committed and are under promise over delivery. And I have worked with many web developers in India, when my advisory team members asked me to switch to Shopify, we ourselves did the basic part of a website but for us big challenge was theme customisation and wanted many changes in the basic plan we had. We went through many reveiews and ratings, and then we decide to opt for Thriftizer. We gave them neck to neck deadline, it was really firefigthing kind. But Thriftizer team made it in time and met our expectations. And now i have associated with them and feel like i have in-house team to support me 24X7. And really important to take Mr. Praveen name, who made it looks so easy and his down to earth personality, made us very happy. Keep it up Guys. You are really worth to work with. Thanks a Lot Guys and keep supporting us. Wish you all the best.
Hannah Rose
Excellent! Services was performed quickly and accurately. I would definitely recommend and will certainly use this company again for additional projects.
Finished the job alot quicker than i anticipated and it actually looks and works a lot better than anticipated too. Bloody amazing! Would highly recommend!
Professional team, willing to try to make things work for the customer. Team is very knowledgeable, have good insight of what is possible and what is not. Team supports the customer with every step. Willing to go the extra mile to teach the customer on how to manage their site internally.
Had a very good experience with the team. flawless communication and very professional approach in development assignments. We had assigned development of our website from scratch. The team made pro-active efforts to quickly design, iterate and make our website go live with very good results. Will highly recommend !